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Lip Lacquer



NC Lip Lacquer –  Contains Vitamin E and skin-moisturising properties. Get longer lasting lipstick with the NC Lip Lacquer.

Lip Lacquer helps prevent lipstick smudging and bleeding, avoids lipstick cracks and lipstick bits.

Create a soft smooth kissable finish With NC Lip Lacquer. Touch up your lipstick over the top of Natural Compatibles Lipstick or change the shade of your lipstick and re-apply, ready for another 12 hours of lip action.

For the most luscious lips:

  1. 1. Apply lip definer pencil
  2. 2. Blend with lip filler pencil
  3. 3. Apply lipstick with lip brush and blot
  4. 4. Apply liberal coat of Lip Lacquer over lips, including lip-line.
  5. 5. Allow to dry with lips apart for 60 seconds.

At first you may notice a little colour transfer to cups, etc. or a slight sticky feeling when you touch your lips – this does not effect the staying power of the product. To remove use a gentle skin cleanser.


Ingredients: Alcohol, Ethyl Cellulose, Butyl Stearate & Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

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