About Pamela

Growing up in country Victoria, I never really showed much interest in makeup. This all changed when I was called BUG EYES in secondary school. Of course, every person must learn to navigate the trials of adolescence, an evolving self-image. Still, it’s pretty tough for a young girl, and so began my journey searching for information on applying makeup to address the… “insect issue”.

For years I tried many different makeup applications from makeup books and recommendations from big-brand consultants. After spending a lot of money, I had draws full of unused makeup. What’s more, I was so confused and didn't know who to believe.

Early 1990s

I came across a book called “Exploding the Make-up Myth: For All Women Over 25” by author, Nouk Tayler-Vieira. Nouk was also the founder of a Cairns-based company, Natural Compatibles. This book was different from all the makeup books I had read because it was based on the principles of art, not fashion. Trust me… there’s a difference! The Natural Compatibles concepts totally changed my perceptions about the purpose and application of makeup. This is when I fell in love with makeup instead of resenting it. I was inspired to train as a Natural Compatibles Makeup Technician becoming the first Victorian to do so in 1994.

Fast forward to the year 2012 when I purchased the company and much has changed in this time, however, the makeup concept that I live by has not.

My Passion

Having learned what I had about Natural Compatibles and a whole different approach to makeup, the sisterhood gene kicked in and my passion became sharing new-found insights, especially with mature women. It’s about learning a fresh and artful approach which will last a lifetime, understanding the how-and-why of choosing and applying makeup for best results. Learning these concepts saves time, money, waste and effort. Applying makeup to greater effect and with genuine inner confidence, more honestly translates to the confidence we project.

The Journey

Since its foundation in Cairns Australia in 1991, Natural Compatibles has produced a versatile range of makeup suitable for every woman and every occasion. Having had experience and training with these products from the company’s early days, Pamela purchased the company in 2012 which now resides in Victoria.

Natural Compatibles shades don’t change, because they are specially chosen to complement the human face. This unique method of application uses colours of light and shade to create balance and symmetry.

Our Philosophy

Makeup as Art - Not Fashion.

Our makeup philosophy is based on the principles of art. Colours don’t change through the seasons. The approach diminishes the need to cover or correct what many may perceive as flaws. Looking your best is achieved by using colours and a unique technique called Feature Focussing, which highlights and defines the two main communicating features of the face – eyes and lips. There are powerful advantages for self-esteem in an approach which focuses on honesty, openness, celebration, confidence and effective communication.

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